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Yosh’s Unique Deli

Yosh's Unique Deli

Full Description

Reno’s very own Unique Delicatessen first opened its doors to the public at the Moana Lane location in 1973. It truly lived up to its name as it was the first of its kind in the area and quickly gained a loyal clientele. Joseph and Peggy Castillo’s “old world” deli featured fresh meats and cheeses, homemade soups and salads, imported food and beverages from around the world. The deli also was known for their legendary, fresh baked, Dutch crunch rolls and their welcoming service. From the beginning, Joseph and Peggy’s two teenage daughters were as much a part of the business as their parents. The girls left Wooster High School everyday at lunchtime to help with the deli’s noon rush. Debbie and Jody were fully immersed and passionate about the family business. When Joseph and Peggy decided to retire the girls were very excited take the lead role, adding their own “unique” ideas to the deli.

Debbie and Jody bought The Unique Delicatessen from their parents in 1983. They continued to carry on the family traditions in their recipes and customer service. With an innovative passion for the business, they expanded to include full-service, special event catering, becoming the first in Reno to offer fresh meat and cheese plates. They continued down the path paved by the generation before them by carrying artisan food from all over the globe and added their own “unique” touch by combining these items in to artfully and tastefully designed gift baskets for the holidays. When the space next door became available, Debbie and Jody quickly seized the opportunity to expand their space to include a bakery and a dinning room for their loyal customers. After having successfully operated the family business for 24 years, the sisters sold the deli in 1995 in pursuit of family and new opportunities.

Today bears witness to the third generation of deli entrepreneurs. Joseph and Peggy’s grandson, Joshua is poised to re-establish the family deli, now known as Yosh’s Unique Deli. With Debbie and Jody’s support, Yosh’s Unique Deli will open its doors to the public in April 2011. Over the past several years Josh has honed his culinary skills, creating simple yet exquisite cuisine to share with family and friends. His specialties include smoked meats, soups and sauces, which are far too good to be kept from the public. Like the generations of culinary artists that came before him, Josh adds his own “unique” and innovative recipes with an inspiring passion for home-cooked food. Josh will also be roasting and smoking all of the meats and incorporating local produce by partnering with the Slow Food Movement in Reno. Josh places a high value on keeping the company as green as possible to preserve the environment. Yosh’s Unique Deli will bring back that local, family ambiance in this third generation of a family-owned and operated business.