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Tangerine Aveda Salon & Spa

Tangerine Aveda Salon & Spa

Full Description

Welcome to Tangerine, Northern Nevada’s original AVEDA LIFESTYLE Salon | Spa. We created Tangerine as a healthy counterpoint to today’s stress filled world… a place to relax, rejuvenate, and return to your essential and best self. We invite you to make Tangerine your personal sanctuary, for relief and revitalization.

Tangerine’s Tiered Hair Service Structure

At Tangerine, continuing education and offering our guests knowledge and experience in the latest hair services is paramount. We present three service levels from which you can choose. Depending on your individual needs, there is a Tangerine artist who can create the experience you are looking for. Promotion through these levels is based on a number of criteria indluding, education, customer satisfaction rates, salon experience with Tangerine and proficiency in advanced techniques.

Nouveau Talent

All newly hired stylists, regardless of experience, must complete Tangerine’s Assistant Education Program, including, hair cutting, Aveda hair color, texture techniques and hairstyling, before the join our Nouveau Team.


Our Stylists have obtained consistently high customer satisfaction reviews. Tangerine Stylists have completed Aveda advanced education programs in hair care, including advanced cutting, hair color and texture techniques.

Senior Stylist

Tangerine Senior Stylists have time and again received excellent customer satisfaction reviews and high request rates from our guests. Senior Stylists have a minimum of 2 years experience at Tangerine and are extremely proficient in all phases of hair care. Senior team members are leaders within the salon and assist in developing and training our Nouveau Talent.

Master Stylist

Tangerine A level reserved for the absolute top stylists in the industry. “Aveda Purefessionals” are at the forefront in cut, color and styling trends and are Creative Directors witin Tangerine Aveda.


Enter Tangerine Day Spa and you enter a sanctuary – a beautiful and nurturing environment. We’ll entice you with aromas drawn from pure plants and extracts of tropical herbs. While your senses revel in the serenity of Aveda’s scents and natural balms, you’ll reap the benefits of Tangerine’s professional facials, wraps, scrubs, peels, and more.

The living world of nature is present in our Aveda cleansers, hydrators and caring blends fo r your face and body. Aveda’s natural ingredients help to restore, rebalance, and create clarity enhancing your skin’s well being overall.

Each experience is a “guided experience.” We will let you know what we discover about you, what we use, how we are proceeding, and how each treatment benefits you.

Aveda Plant Wax Organic Hair Removal

Aveda’s natural plant wax regimen optimizes comfort and effectiveness. Using two different types of wax allows us to customize for the area of hair removal. Make sure to let us know if you are using doctor prescribed skin care products or taking medications so we can check for contraindications.


Pure natural botanicals are infused into Aveda colors for face, eyes, and lips. Aveda makeup cares for you inside and out.

Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Facial

This deep cleansing facial in combination with aroma, customized massage and pressure point techniques will restore and balance the entire body.