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Reno Krav Maga

Reno Krav Maga

Full Description

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a brutally effective and efficient self-defense system that was designed to be used in the street and on the battlefield. Many experts consider Krav Maga to be one of the world’s most effective fighting systems.

Weapons Training

In addition to teaching Krav Maga, we also teach all aspects of modern weapons training such as; combatives with the; handgun, shotgun, assault rifle, knife (both folding and fixed blade), stick, and improvised weapons.

Combat Fitness

This exercise program is designed to primarily do one thing, and that is get you into fantastic fighting shape, while at the same time increasing your; focus, flexibility, muscular endurance, mobility, and of course your aerobic endurance or cardio.

…Reno Krav Maga Teaches

  • Krav Maga – Self-Defense
  • Airsoft Training
  • Anti-Car Jacking
  • Avoidance
  • Awareness
  • Combatives
  • Extreme Close Quarter Shooting
  • Fighting in Low Light or Dim Light
  • Force on Force Scenario Based Training
  • Gun and Knife Survival
  • Handgun Combatives
  • Handgun Disarming
  • Individual Protective Measures
  • Knife Combatives
  • Knife Defense & Disarming
  • Live Fire Pistol Courses
  • Live Fire Carbine Courses
  • Outdoor Training
  • Rape Prevention
  • Women’s Self-Defense

…What is Krav Maga?

Based upon the simple principles of combat, Krav Maga, which means “Contact Combat” or “Contact Fighting” in Hebrew, is a highly effective and brutal system of self-defense that has been combat tested and battle proven by the elite commando units of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), as well as, other elite military and law enforcement units worldwide. Since its inception in the 1940’s, Krav Maga has constantly evolved and updated its repertoire of techniques by utilizing techniques found in any martial art or fighting system that has proven to be realistic and effective in actual life and death combat. Click here to read some reviews of Reno Krav Maga.

…Who Can Learn Krav Maga?

ANYONE! Who is willing to put forth the time and effort to learn.

ANYONE! Regardless of; age (due to the serious nature of what we teach, we DO NOT teach children), sex, physical condition (or lack thereof), and physical ability.

YOU! Yes, you read that right, YOU, can learn Krav Maga if you have the desire and willingness to put forth the time and effort into YOUR own safety and well being. YOUR first line of defense is always… YOU!