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Nina Cucina

Nina Cucina

Full Description

The Nina Cucina concept began when Nina Pucillo, Founder, created healthy lifestyle of eating for her husband because of a need to lose weight and improve his health.

Nina has always created healthy, gourmet meals for her family and friends but considered herself a conventional gourmet/foodie. Along the way, she educated herself about the food growing and manufacturing processes and began to slowly alter her recipes to use clean, organic, gluten free ingredients. Through her own food education, Nina was able to take her recipes that contained unhealthy ingredients and turn them into a healthy version that were nutritionally dense, but also tasted amazing. Nina’s family and friends were her testing audience and fans of her creations. They still are and will continue to be a part of the recipe creation process.

Nina grew up in a restaurant in the Bahamas featuring continental cuisine; the cuisine of Italy, France, and Spain. Her teachers and mentors were her parents, owners of the restaurant. Her dad used to say to her at age 8: “If you can’t make an egg 250 ways by the time you are 18, then you are not my daughter.” Fresh ingredients were essential in the life of the restaurant. Fresh fish came in daily, sides of beef were delivered weekly and only fresh vegetables were used in the dishes. Through the restaurant Nina only saw fresh, live ingredients. In fact, Nina never knew that tuna came in a can until she was 12. She and her dad were walking through the supermarket and she discovered it. When she mentioned it to her dad, he told her that food that came in a can was junk food and it was not allowed in their home. Her dad used to say: “If it swims today, then you can eat it today.” Her mom would say: “If you don’t finish dinner, then you don’t get dessert.” It is these basics that set the stage for a lifetime of healthy, yet gourmet eating for Nina as well as for those who now follow her healthy lifestyle of eating.

As the concept grew into a total lifestyle for Nina, her husband and friends, she realized that it was changing lives for the better. Her family and friends began noticing a change in their waistlines without dieting, but through healthy, yet gourmet-tasting dishes, and correct portion control. In fact, Nina`s husband lost 50 pounds through the Nina Cucina healthy lifestyle. As these changes occurred, Nina realized that she needed to share her healthy lifestyle with the world. Her mission is to stop the epidemic of obesity in the United States help people learn to cook healthy recipes that taste gourmet, so they can really enjoy their food.

The Nina Cucina healthy lifestyle of eating will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to create beautiful, healthy food to keep you healthy and beautiful. Nina will show how to cook each delicious, healthy dish and give you the nutritional information on why she cooks the way she does.