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FIT University

FIT University

Full Description

Fit university is dedicated to the training and educating of individuals and groups looking to gain, or regain fitness and wellness in their lives. Through balanced and well structured workouts, I focus on helping clients achieve the results that they have pictured but have ever been able to achieve.

I don’t focus on the body builder or quick fix style of training. I focus on creating a well balanced sense of fitness, flexibility, and health. I design workouts and issue nutritional guidelines that help each individual find a comfortable way to incorporate fitness into their busy lives. We are all tied into the hustle and stress of the real world. It is important to understand that exercise and healthy eating can help you manage the stress of life as well as keep you feeling your best.

The media is overloading us with the idea that we can get into elite shape by just a few minutes here and there, or though some miracle pill or diet plan. I hate to be the one to burst the media bubble, but long term results that last can’t be achieved this way. There are nuggets of truth in all of the hype, but the only way to look and feel your best is through consistent, smart, and dedicated workout. Nutrition doesn’t have to be miserable either. Eating well 85% of the time is better than eating perfect for 2 months and then binging.

Fit University is dedicated to Making fitness a habit and changing your eating habits to make being healthy part of your lifestyle. My hope is that if I can help you change your lifestyle, I can play a part in changing your life for the better.

My name is Ryan Golec and I am the owner of Fit University. I operate the majority of my training at the South Reno Athletic Club at 9393 Gateway Dr in Reno, NV. I offer individual training programs as well as group programs and nutritional counseling.