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  • Sierra Strength & Speed

    Sierra Strength & Speed

    Hits 1288

    Sierra Strength & Speed was created in 2004 to provide Northern Nevada with the finest personal training experience possible. Our staff members are highly educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals with a strong interest in helping you succeed.
  • PerformancEDU Training Facility

    PerformancEDU Training Facility

    Hits 1218

    The primary goal of PerformancEDU is to continue to provide its clients and athletes with the most effective training in the Reno/Tahoe area. All of our programs emphasize a movement-based training methodology, which are periodized to prepare our clients and athletes for sport and life.
  • DTR Fitness

    DTR Fitness

    Hits 1364

    DTR Fitness offers online coaching if you need a plan, advice, supervision, accountability, but don’t live nearby or schedule (or budget) does not allow for in-person training. We can design a program if your goal is weight loss, general fitness, sport specific training, or contest prep. We won’t just email a general workout plan and disappear. Programming will be tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. We support you throughout the entire journey, so we expect you to ask questions.
  • Z Body Fitness

    Z Body Fitness

    Hits 1236

    We are committed to educating, promoting and helping individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes to achieve a healthier active life through fitness and dance. Providing personalized attention from highly trained fitness professionals to inspire, motivate and challenge you. A muscle pumping, body-energizing, awe-inspiring, feel-it-to-the-core exercise experience. Zumba®, Live to Party!
  • FIT University

    FIT University

    Hits 1071

    A balanced and holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Inclusive in our Personal Fitness Training, Small Group Training, and Boot Camp style FIT Camp, is a program that focuses not only on fitness and weight loss, but also structurally sound fundamental movements. Our goal is to train you from the inside out. Give clients a true understanding of healthy eating. Help to understand why we should eat or not eat certain things. Focus on establishing a strong and balanced core. Core is the basis for all safe movement. From a strong core, you can achieve success in all bigger movements, and a strong body. Progress to integrated functional movements. We use movements that strengthen the body the way we are designed to move. Strength for everyday life! You can’t truly look good on the outside unless you look good on the inside!
  • IM=X Pilates

    IM=X Pilates

    Hits 1105

    IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. It's an elite fitness formula that marries the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of pilates with strength and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone, while strengthening the spine and abdominal core.
  • Mayberry Athletic Center

    Mayberry Athletic Center

    Hits 1089

    The MAYBERRY ATHLETIC CENTER (MAC) prides itself in providing the unique balance of a challenging fitness experience within a family atmosphere. From the time you enter the building our purpose is to motivate, empower and progress you towards your goals. We are a school of fitness offering 1 on 1 training, semi-private training, and a highly energized group fitness program. Our trainers are coaches, constantly teaching technique while being creative, fun and inspirational. We believe by providing safe, efficient and fun workouts, training will be more enjoyable and help you achieve your goals faster.
  • Poleletic Fitness

    Poleletic Fitness

    Hits 1107

    Poleletic Fitness is to be the number one fitness choice for every woman in the Reno area. Creating a fun and entertaining place for women to come and watch themselves transform. With the determination on getting you to your “happy,” we bring the back the results with an enjoyable fitness practice. With every woman in mind we will pledge the utmost level of customer satisfaction.
  • Elite Boxing and Fitness Club

    Elite Boxing and Fitness Club

    Hits 1048

    Elite Boxing and Fitness Club is an all-inclusive fitness club. Members enjoy the cardio and lean muscle building power of boxing, kickboxing and CrossFit without the additional cost incurred at other local gyms. Whether you are training for a fight or just want to get in shape, our boxing, kickboxing and CrossFit workouts will cater to your needs.
  • Formula F.I.T.T.

    Formula F.I.T.T.

    Hits 1163

    From Pilates to Olympic and Power lifts to Kettlebells to Plyometrics, Jump Rope, Tire Flips, Rope Climbs, Rings and Speed and Agility drills and even Balance and Fall Reduction; this is not your everyday training.