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Armed & Safe Firearms Training

Armed & Safe Firearms Training

Full Description

We have been teaching CCW classes and NRA instructor classes in the Reno area for over 15 years, as well as Northern California. We no longer go into Northern CA as of June 1st 2009 because of change in NV reciprocity laws (a UT non-resident permit is no longer valid for carry in NV).

Kelly (connolly) Main used to run the Mustang Machine gun Range when she launched Armed and Safe. Since then Mustang Range has been given over to new ownership. We now focus strictly on CCW classes to maintain the absolute best quality.

We focus on basic safety first and foremost, but maintain a great focus on law and ethics.

If you’ve never shoot before this is a great place to start.

Kelly is the main instructor and has been very successful with helping beginners both men and women to feel comfortable with the proper, safe use of handguns, as have any of our instructors.

We make the class informative for all levels of shooters. The most experienced shooters tell us that they learned a lot, even when they have been to a variety of advanced classes.

We make the classes a great refresher for experienced shooters as well as we go over the main points of pistol safety and laws.

And we make the classes fun. All of our staff is very friendly and professional. We create an environment that allows the students to absorb and think about the materials. We provide resources and materials that help you to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Ask us about more advanced classes as well.

Upon completion of the class you will be confident in handling, loading and unloading, shooting, carrying, storing, maintaining and owning handguns.

You will know when and where you can and cannot use, carry, and transport a handgun and know which states honor your CCW permit.

Gun adds are always free (We suggest a $5 tip per gun for our volunteer help and pass on a $7 range fee when applicable).

We are the instructors for the general public and our clients love and feel that they have received a great value.

We feel that the 2nd amendment rights should not only not be infringed upon, but that you should not be charged a premium to have them when most of us are law abiding citizens. In 2008 we trained women at cost when there was a serial killer at large in the Reno area. Our mission is to help make Reno a safe place for citizens and police. We want to make Reno a model example of low crime rates through responsible armed citizens who have a proper knowledge and attitude for Concealed Carry.

We are politically active in the community and support pro-gun and pro citizen candidates for office. Most other politics we leave out of our classes. No matter what your political views you have a right to defend yourself. Besides,

We have been heard on KOH and the Ira Hansen show.